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Fotobabble lets you create a recording and apply it to a photo. While we think it’s a cool tool to use with your friends and family (that baby’s giggle makes its picture even cuter), the app is also a valuable marketing tool for brands, nonprofits and artists.

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While we may be growing bored of the dime-a-dozen photo-editing and sharing apps in the marketplace, Fotobabble differentiates their photo app with audio. If a picture says a thousand words, then adding words to an image can create an even more engaging experience. 

The concept is cool to photo-app lovers like ourselves, but Fotobabble seems to market its app greatly to brands, nonprofits and artists. While average Joes and Janes may use it to send their family members pictures of a giggling babies, for instance, companies use it as a social-media marketing platform to connect and interact with their audiences.

The Fotobabble suite includes an app for Facebook Timeline, iPhone and a web component. Fotobabble gives businesses the ability to create interactive marketing campaigns by, for example, running contests and promotions on their Facebook fan pages. Dog website Dogster ran a campaign called The Dogster Bark Translator on its Facebook page, asking fans to upload images of their barking dogs complete with a humorous voice recording that translates the pets. (Check out more social-marketing campaigns using Fotobabble on the app’s website.)

If you’re not a business owner or a marketing guru, though, Fotobabble is still a cool app to use on your iPhone simply for fun. Just take or select a photo, record an audio snippet to accompany the image and edit the photo with a variety of tools. You can apply photo filters, add fun stickers to the image (like sombreros and bow ties), switch orientation, crop it and even draw on the photo. 

Then, it’s sharing time. Set up a Fotobabble account and select your sharing preferences, which you can then toggle between in the future for quick send-off to Facebook and Twitter, or though email and SMS messages.

Check out The Recapp Show's interview from SXSW 2012 with Michael DeLapa, VP of Marketing at Fotobabble.

Reviewed: Apr 24, 2012 |