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GadgetTrak is a registration-heavy security app that allows you to find your phone no matter where it is, no matter who has it.

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Simple in execution but thorough in setup, GadgetTrack is an Android and iPhone app that tracks your phone. Setup is anything but easy due to required registration information, but it’s worth it.

First, you’re going to need to establish a passcode. Similar to the iOS security for iPhone, GadgetTrak uses a four-digit code. Then you’re going to need to register the device with GadgetTrak, using an email and a password of your choosing. Once you register the device, you will have to go into your email and verify the account, and once you verify the account, you have to delineate what type of device you will be tracking: an Android, a laptop, an iPhone, etc. After this selection has been made, you will need to access Settings on your phone in order to enable tracking. A few more setup steps and you’re (finally) done.

Sure, the setup is a bit of a pain, but it all pays off, as you can now go to any computer and track your phone (as long as your phone is emitting a signal) wherever it is.

You can use GadgetTrak to remotely enable a deafening alarm and wipe your device to protect your personal information. Your settings will be locked as long as GadgetTrack is activated, and you can even see if an unauthorized SIM card was inserted into your device or if there are any new changes in phone numbers. Take that, thief!

One drawback: The tracking really drains your battery, so you might want to disable the tracking feature if you know for a fact that your phone will be secure for a given amount of time.

Other than the cagey setup, this app is awesome. It gives you the location of your device within a few square meters of where it rests. And whether your brother hid your phone as an annoying joke, you left it at a restaurant or someone stole it, you’ll be able to rest easy.

Reviewed: Oct 15, 2012 |

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