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GetGlue is a reward-based social-networking app that connects you to others of similar interests based on what you’re watching, listening to or reading.

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GetGlue is, in fact, not an app about where to find the closest arts & craft stores—it’s actually a popular entertainment and social-networking app that allows you to check in to what you’re currently listening to, watching or reading and start conversations with other users who share the same interests.

Many of us use a variety of social-networking sites to share what we’re doing, but few of those networks provide recommendations or open up a dialogue from others with similar tastes.

With the GetGlue app, once you check in to a TV show or movie you’re currently watching and add your personal commentary, you can then see what other people are saying about it and which of your friends is watching the same thing.

You’ll even start familiarizing the app with the types of genres you’re interested in for future suggestions. GetGlue allows you to explore popular trends and rate them based on your experience, which helps others decide if it’s worth their time, too.

In our opinion, apps where points or awards can be earned are particularly great because it creates a personal challenge, and it keeps you coming back for more. GetGlue has hopped on the reward bandwagon with the ability to unlock an assortment of stickers and discounts each time you check in.

With over 75 networks and 10 movie studios onboard, you’re sure to rack up the rewards in no time—whether you’re into reality shows or horror films (or both!). And once you’ve reached 20 stickers, the app will actually mail the stickers to your house. Now that’s a fun new twist!

More than 2 million fans would agree that GetGlue has clearly created a great way to share and discuss what you’re digging right now and what to listen to, read or watch next.

Reviewed: Feb 17, 2012 |

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