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Ghost Capture

By GDE Film, LLC


Went on a ghost hunt and didn’t get that picture you were hoping for? Now you can fool your friends.

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Whether you’re looking to create some eerie art or trying to prove the existence of that paranormal visitor in your home, Ghost Capture is a neat app that produces some unsettling-looking photos.

Take a picture of your own or browse the photos already on your mobile device. Once you’ve made your selection, browsing through the various ghostly image options can be fun and somewhat unnerving. Choose from creepy Victorian children, faceless figures, floating orbs and even the lost souls of soldiers, to name a few. You can even create your own ghostly figure by taking another photo of your friend or even your dog (just make sure they are on a white background).

You can then change the opacity of your ghost to blend it into your original image and create a spooky silhouette. Once you’re finished, go ahead and save, share on social networks or email your creation to your non-believing friends. You might be surprised by their reaction! All the photos we created looked very realistic. You can even add it to the Ghost Capture gallery and rate other users’ ghostly images.

The only problem we had with this app was getting our ghost selection onto our background photo. It took a few times before the figure was placed onto our image. If it doesn’t appear the first time, try a few more times and it will eventually be transposed.

Reviewed: Oct 17, 2011 |