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Ghost Guide USA

By AlamoApps


Scope out the eeriest houses, bridges, churches, schools and other locations with Ghost Guide. Take a road trip to a location in your state, or get a history fix by browsing locations around the country.

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It’s approaching Halloween day, and you’re sick of the fake haunted houses that your PG-13–watching friend always drags you to. You want to visit a real haunted site that has history, paranormal activity and an all-around eeriness.

To help you find that place, consider downloading the Ghost Guide USA app. Ghost Guide uses your GPS location to display the haunted locations—houses, churches, bridges, cemeteries and more—around you and the country. Ghost Guide USA Lite is the free version of the app, but it doesn’t include as many locations as the $2 version, which claims to capture more than 1,000 of them.

When you launch the app, you can choose Browse Guide for a list of haunted locations. You can sort this list by rating, distance from you or alphabetically. You can also look for places by state or city, or via the Search function.

One big downfall we experienced here: The location from one haunted bridge to us (both in the same state) was more than 5,000 miles over the actual distance. However, if we searched the location within the app’s Map section, we could see its locale (and ours) accurately on the map.

Anyway, the good stuff about Ghost Guide lies in the locations’ descriptions. Tap an entry, and you’ll get a good chunk of information that talks about the location’s history, including what happened to make it haunted. Most entries also come with clear photos of the place to add chills up your spine, as well as website URLs to find out more.

AlamoApps claims that they’re adding to their database and working with “paranormal groups from all over the country” to make Ghost Guide a go-to for thrill seekers. Though we know we can find this information elsewhere on the web, we like how everything haunted-house related is located in one simple app. Overall, it’s a good buy for anyone looking for a scary weekend road trip or history fix.

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Ghost Guide USA app Ghost Guide USA app Ghost Guide USA app Ghost Guide USA app Ghost Guide USA app Ghost Guide USA app