App - Ghost Hunter M2
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Ghost Hunter M2

By Michael Weber


Now you can be a real ghostbuster with all the necessary ghost-hunting tools of the pros on your smartphone. This app may frighten you!

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No ghost hunt is complete without this app. With features such as sensor sweep, EMF and EVP readings, audio detector and a geoscope, you are sure to relieve (or prove) any suspicions of a haunting.

This app is loaded with tools for the pros, but it’s surprisingly straightforward to use and understand. The developer recommends checking out the help section of the app to learn the full potential of each tool. Even without taking this suggestion, the tools are easy to figure out, and they produce scientific results. Using this app in different locations will show you how sensitive and accurate the readings can be.

The next time you visit a historic location or explore a cemetery on a dark Halloween night, be sure to have this app on hand to collect evidence of disturbances in energy levels. You might be the type of person that wants scientific proof to backup your readings, but how about,⎯just this once,⎯you have some fun and see what you find with this great ghostbuster gear? You just might get spooked!

Reviewed: Oct 17, 2011 |