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It’s the season of giving! This list app helps you organize gift lists, the presents’ recipients and your expenses to make shopping for others easier.

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Keeping track of holiday-gift giving is enough to make anyone crazy during the most wonderful time of the year. To save your sanity, enlist the help of Gift Pony. This free app for Android organizes who gets what, how much money you’ve spent and what items still need to be purchased.

While Gift Pony is a lifesaver during November and December, this gift list app can also be used throughout the year for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any gift-giving event. The main screen displays your current list of gift recipients along with categories to view items yet to be bought, items already bought, new gift entries and a barcode scanner. Best of all, a running total of gift costs displays at the bottom of your gift list.

Add a new name to your gift list manually or browse the contacts already in your Android smartphone. Then, just enter the present you plan to purchase for your new giftee, along with any notes that may be helpful while out shopping. Snap a photo or browse your smartphone for images that will help in the gift-buying process. And lastly, enter the amount of money you plan to spend.

Gift recipients can have more than one gift listed under their name, or (if you stocked up at the recent buy-one-get-one-free candle sale) you can keep a list of extra items that still need a recipient match. Check off purchased items or check your total to stay on budget. Trust us, this list app will take the stress out of shopping. Organize your gift giving with this free gift application.

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Reviewed: Dec 07, 2011 |