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Whether you're a golf fan, a scratch player or a 28 handicapper, Gigaputt is a riotous good time for golf beginners and Tiger Woods alike. Play a game of golf with the augmented-reality app for iPhone without ever having to shout "Fore!"

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Have you ever looked down your driveway and said to yourself, "I'll bet I could drive one over that house right there"? If so, Gigaputt lets you (kind of) give it a try. In the latest version (1.3) from the innovators over at Gigantic Mechanic, this augmented-reality app lets you play a course that's designed right in your own neighborhood.

This app is a blast from the get go. The cool street design puts you in the mood for an urban 18 as it asks you to select the golfers (four per round) to play the course that surrounds you. Choose from the fat cat, the b-boy, the alley cat, the cop, the socialite, the newsie, the pigeon and the rat.

We picked the fat cat and headed for the first hole, although we had the option of not having to head anywhere at all. Gigaputt gives you the option of never moving while playing, or going into explorer mode, which throws you right into neighborhood discovery as you hit and walk after your golf ball just like you would on a real course. 

Once you pick your club and direction, swing away like you would with a real club and off the ball goes, either weakly or well struck, or a number of options in between. The game teaches you tips as you go.

If you shank your golf ball on a drive, you might have to walk over to your cranky neighbor's garden and hit it out while even navigating plant obstacles in your way. If you hit a fire hydrant, the ball bounces back and your shot distance is cut short. You can also hit and collect coins to get bonuses. The more coins you hit, the more you can redeem for prizes. Once you get the ball in the hole, you're met with another bonus, your score and entry to the next hole.

Overall, if you've got an hour to kill or you want to tour your neighborhood in an entertaining way, Gigaputt is an app for you. It's a total blast, it's innovative and it augments your reality in very original ways. And you won't even have to shout, "Fore!"

Reviewed: Apr 16, 2012 |

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