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Location-based services are all the rage. The social app Glympse focuses on safe and controlled social check-ins, and as a free app, we think it’s one of the best social-networking apps out there.

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The most commonly joked about content generated by social networks are descriptions and photos of one’s lunch. Knowing exactly where that person is eating their lunch, however, is significantly more...creepy. The check-in revolution, begun by location-based services like FourSquare and propagated by Facebook, is perhaps the definition of an “overshare.”

Many find it strange as to why exactly you would want total strangers, or even close friends, to know where you are at any given moment (unless, of course, it results in a coupon). Enter Glympse: a social app that discovers solid reasoning where those apps before it could not.

Glympse allows users to share their location with whomever they want, and for as long as they want. Instead of a social network-wide broadcast of your mid-day journey to McDonald’s (which you can still do), you can instead send a Glympse to the exact friend you’re meeting for a Big Mac. Set the Glympse to expire in 10 minutes and it will disappear as soon as the countdown ends. In the meantime, send it to whomever you’d like—via text, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

Whoever looks at your Glympse can see exactly where you are and even how fast you’re traveling. This is not only useful for people you’ve kept waiting, but it can virtually eliminate the “Where you at?” back-and-forths of your life. One click and there you are.

Best of all, the recipients of your Gympse don’t need to have the app to view it. The notification comes with a link, hosted on Glympse’s website. That, too, disappears at the end of the timer you set. But chances are, once your Glympse-less friend sees what you’ve just sent them, they’ll be next in line to download this innovative app. That is, right after they’ve posted a photo of their half-eaten burger to Facebook.

Reviewed: Jan 09, 2012 |

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