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Whether you want to fill a craving, find a seasonal present or locate a store near you, extreme chocolate lovers will like the Godiva mobile app that aids them in doing all of that.

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For those who can't go long without a dose of chocolate, Godiva has made it a little easier to fill that craving by giving smartphone users an app that is solely about buying Godiva's Belgian chocolates.

The Godiva app is easy to navigate and has gorgeous pictures of chocolates and chocolate-inspired baked goods, but it gives no information other than breaking down Godiva's treats into succinct categories, such as Seasonal Gifts, Bakery Shop and Business Gifts. Those wanting Valentine's Day, Easter or Halloween chocolates will find them in the seasonal section, where Godiva keeps its specialty chocolates wrapped in festive colors and patterns.

Godiva Mobile is armed with express checkout, so chocolates can be shipped immediately. Last-minute users can also use the app to find stores that sell Godiva chocolates locally.

This app is okay, but probably more essential for the Godiva addict than anyone else.

Reviewed: Feb 08, 2012 |

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