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Google Currents

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Despite its small size, your smartphone now offers visibly pleasing reading material. With the Google Currents free app, you can browse news, magazines and blogs, all within a sleek interface. What will Google come out with next?

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When listing all the amazing things you can do with your smartphone, one thing that probably doesn’t make the list is reading. It’s not because you can’t do it—even without proprietary apps, you can read off of any site on the web—it’s just that squinting at a 3-inch screen isn’t exactly going to make anyone run out and cancel their magazine subscriptions.

Despite the apparent limitations of the platform, Google doesn’t seem to care. They want you to read on your phone and seem to encourage this habit with this news reader app. About a year ago, they released Google Books, and now comes Google Currents. Although we struggle with the idea of buying and reading a book from a smartphone, Google Currents gets it right. It’s one of the slickest apps you can get for your Android (and it’s free!).

Currents provides magazine content and presents it in a way designed for an enjoyable reading experience on a small screen. You can also subscribe to your favorite blogs, news feeds and magazines (à la Google Reader) and Currents will automatically reformat the content into its clean, legible style.

Images are crisp and easy to enlarge. More important, text fits on your screen and can be adjusted for size; flipping through an article merely requires a simple swipe. Reading off of a cell phone is still probably a fast track to bifocals, but at least with Currents it feels like you’re supposed to be doing it.

It might not make you want to cancel your magazine subscriptions just yet, but Currents is easily the best reading experience on any smartphone.

Reviewed: Jan 09, 2012 |

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