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While you don’t have the awesome collaboration features of the Google Docs browser version, the free Google Docs app for Android does grant you access to your important office or education documents and spreadsheets.

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Despite all the amazing things you can do with your smartphone, standard office software that has ruled our desktops for years (such as word processing) are a bit of a joke in the mobile app world. Not that you would want to type up an essay or an important letter from your phone, but the gap is still somewhat appalling. At the very least, having the opportunity to fix that glaring typo from the airport before it goes out to your boss and slew of co-workers would be nice.

If you haven’t yet tried Google Docs through your web browser, the collection of programs (from spreadsheets to power points) makes for a surprisingly effective replacement for your standard Microsoft Office and iWork software. Google Docs’ interface is cleaner and simpler than its expensive software counterparts, and its collaboration features (multiple users can manipulate a document at the same time) are positively brilliant and huge time savers in a busy office setting.

The Google Docs mobile app for Android syncs to your collection of documents. Well, most of them. For now, the app only syncs to documents and spreadsheets. You can also create new documents or spreadsheets, but in either case, you don’t want this to be your primary means of editing. The features are super simplified, perfect for those emergency typo situations.

If you often find yourself in panic situations (or simply won’t have computer access before you need your document), you can set your printer to Google Cloud Print through this Google app. After setup, hit print and your document flies to the cloud. Your document will magically spit out of your printer, no matter where it is. Pretty cool.

Unfortunately, you can’t yet download files straight from e-mails into the Google Docs app. So, if it’s not already in your Google Docs collection, you won’t be able to edit the file. This is a big deficiency in our eyes, but the Web version of Google Docs has great powers of file conversion. Hopefully this feature is on its way for the Google Docs app version. It’s certainly still better than any other document-managing office app out there.

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