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Google Sky Map

By Google Inc.


Google Sky Map is one of those Android apps that make iPhone users jealous. You gotta love that.

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From email to navigating around the world to, duh, Web searches, Google makes a lot of things easier. Add one more with Google Sky Map, a very cool and easy way to navigate the stars. If you ditched astronomy class or just can’t remember what you learned on those planetarium trips, Google Sky Map brings it all back — for free. The next time you look up at the sky and wonder what stars you’re seeing, just pull out your phone. Using GPS, a compass, and the date and time, Google Sky Map will tell you if a star is in the Andromeda Galaxy or part of the Big Dipper.

There’s definitely a “wow” factor here (we’re betting those iPhone folks are jealous!), although the phone’s screen-size limitations do burst that bubble a bit. Obviously, seeing anything more than a dot on a screen requires a powerful telescope, and we haven’t seen an app for that (yet). So don’t expect too much from Google Sky Map. Yes, you can identify what’s in the sky above you. No, you can’t view the multi-ringed disk of Saturn’s rings. But go ahead and enjoy the power of playing amateur astronomer. It sure makes a clear, starry night a more fun and interesting adventure. 

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |