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Google Voice

By Google Inc.


Google Voice is a cool way to save money on your phone plan. Our fave feature is the mailbox that turns recorded messages into text.

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Tired of paying sky-high fees for your phone plan? Grab a free Google Voice account online. The account issues you a phone number in the area code of your choosing, and will route calls made to any phone you want (or more than one phone, if that's what you need). With the Google Voice app, you can access the account to make calls using your data connection and Google Voice number, saving minutes on your phone plan. Receiving calls costs you nothing, and you can pay for minutes to make calls through the app.

The best function of Google Voice is receiving access to your account's voice mail and texting inbox. Google Voice will translate recorded messages into text, so you can read your messages instead of listening to them and then respond with texts or calls, also through your Google Voice account and Internet connection. The rest of the app’s functions let you see who called you and vice versa, plus you can save messages as favorites to refer to later.

The Android Marketplace offers Google Voice, but it’s not as useful as the iPhone version. On Android, you still get the cool dictated voice mailbox, but there are fewer options to let you organize your messages. Some users have also had issues with voice mail on Android.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |