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Granny Smith

By Mediocre


Granny Smith is addicting not only because of the classic chase-’em gameplay, but also because of the Pixar-like graphics, vintage music and all-around humorous tone.

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The object is to control an old grandma on roller skates as she chases an apple thief. Your two controls include jumping and gliding on power lines from the grandma’s cane. (Random, but super fun.)

Granny will glide on her skates automatically, so it’s up to you to guide her through the obstacles of sheds, skyscrapers and hills (depending on what setting accommodates the level you’re in). You want Granny to make it to the finish line of sorts before the thief does.

And you’ll collect power-ups from the coins you collect along the way: a helmet, banana peels and a baseball Granny can use to defeat the apple thief. 

Now Granny will sometimes fall, and you’ll probably laugh when she does. Mediocre did an awesome job portraying the game’s fearless shawl-wearing main character. Granny will fall on her face, pedal her feet as she falls the long way down from power lines and belt out a funny “Argh!” when she finally hits ground. Are we wrong by laughing at this stuff? 

When you’ve completed a level, Granny Smith will play back a Vintage Replay. You’ll see Granny and the thief race as they did during the level, but it’ll be shown in old-school sepia and white, complete with classic elevator-like music in the background.

And by the way, the music in this game is killer. We usually turn the sound off while we play game apps, but Granny Smith’s soundtrack perfectly complements the game’s tone and look: soft but vivid Pixar-like graphics, the Vintage Replays and the overall classic-yet-sarcastic premise.

You just gotta play this thing. Trust us.

Reviewed: Jan 07, 2013 |

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