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GreenPower premium

By Gael Pouzerate


The name of this battery-saver app plays toward your interest in the environment, and it won’t disappoint. You’ll definitely save some power by downloading and selecting even the most basic settings. For advanced power users, there are options too.

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The developers of GreenPower promote the battery-saving app as an automatic option: Once it’s configured, you can let it run without needing to perform regular manual actions. They don’t lie, which puts it on our list of best Android battery apps.

GreenPower gives you ways to better manage Wi-Fi, data and Bluetooth, among other things, which hopefully will save some juice on your smartphone battery.

The first thing you notice about the app (well, maybe the second after its brightly colored interface that resembles a Windows Phone) is the green leaf in your status panel, which quickly tells you how charged your battery is.

The app gives you a group of main settings you can change, and it also offers ways to manage your phone differently during the day and at night (the day settings are also available in a free version of the app, but the night settings aren’t). The settings are easy to understand without reading a manual, but they also give advanced users more control too.

Examples of things you can manage include how long to keep data and Wi-Fi on before turning it off (you can set a range between 1-10 minutes or keep it on always), or whitelisting apps, which allows data to stay on whenever that app is running.

A favorite feature: You can set Wi-Fi or data to turn on only after you unlock the screen. So you can turn on your screen to check the time and see if you have notifications without beginning a data connection for that quick period.

Here’s a reason to love the night settings: If you’re like us and keep your phone on while you sleep, the app can automatically switch off functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You could do that manually every night, but with the app, you can set it and forget it.

Reviewed: May 14, 2012 |

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