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Groove Coaster Zero

By TAITO Corporation


Groove Coaster Zero is a game-meets-music app that takes you on a visual journey through musical universes. This app challenges you to keep time and score points as you hurtle through space to the beats of different tunes.

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From a quick look at its screen shots, Groove Coaster Zero looks like it was designed in the 80s—neon colors, a black background and geometric shapes fill the scenery. And throughout it all, the movement reminds us of those Regal Cinemas introduction videos where you’re in the front seat of a roller coaster.

But play Groove Coaster Zero for one song’s worth, and you’ll quickly discover the musical game app’s 3D-like qualities, intricate obstacles and precise timing. The point of the game: a Guitar Hero–like challenge of hitting marks at the right points in time, but throughout a wild, virtual obstacle course.

This is an app that doesn’t mess around with registration, instructions or self-congratulatory credit screens. Its setup is simple, and when you launch the app, you have one choice: start easy or normal.

We went with easy at first. A small icon hurtles through space on a line as the music begins to thump. Tap anywhere on your touch screen as the flashing circles encroach. Hit the circles at the perfect time, and your score increases. Miss and you may fail the round. It sounds easy enough, but this thing is deceiving.

Before you know it, the line you’re lead by starts to twirl, bend, circle and zig zag. Not only does this increase difficulty, it visually captivates and ultimately distracts you. Not to mention, you’re trying to keep up with the techno tunes. All of this makes “easy” difficult.

Want to score well? Start a chain by hitting several targets in a row. The larger and longer the chain, the higher the score. Play well enough and long enough, and you can take a run at the high score for each scenario—each one is listed right under the scenario introduction. It kind of goes without saying that Groove Coaster Zero hooks up to your Apple Game Center account.

Heck, this app is even good for kids if you want to start your young ones on a rhythmic, musical challenge. And to top it all off, it’s free.

Reviewed: Jan 30, 2013 |

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