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GymPact is a fitness app turned trainer from hell. It really forces you to get in shape because if you’re not hitting the gym like you said you would, the app withdraws money from your account. Users need to be in serious need of exercise motivation (and they have to be honest) for this app to do its job.

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If you need motivation to hit the gym and get in shape, you’re not alone. We, too, have tried workout dates with friends, treating ourselves when we’ve stuck to our exercise regime, and keeping size-too-small pants hanging in the front of our closets as inspiration. Still, mustering up the willpower to work out is anything but easy. That’s why the developers at GymPact created an app by the same name, which makes you set financial stakes to make sure you’re getting in your sweat sessions.

If you’re truly motivated by money, GymPact might be one of the best fitness apps to help whip you into shape because it sets clear financial stakes for your positive and negative behavior. The app first asks you how many days a week you want to commit to exercising. Then, it asks you how much you want to pay if you miss a day (from $5 to $50!). This is no joke.

The fitness app tracks your gym check-ins when you tap Check In on the app’s stopwatch image. It then tracks the time till you tap Check Out (even if you minimize the app). And GymPact knows when you’re really at a gym or when you’re sitting on your couch eating a bag of potato chips. The app houses a database of over 40,000 gyms and tracks them with GPS, but if you attend a personal trainer’s gym in their home, for instance, you can add your own location.

But here’s the kicker: When we added our own “gym” (aka our office), the app accepted this. So how does it know you’re adding a real gym? In addition, about an hour later, GymPact emailed us that our office gym had been verified. How is that possible, since our office does not have a gym? Plus, on its website, GymPact states, “We approve any valid fitness center, other than a home or office gym.” Hmmm.

Either way, this app will work if you’re honest with your check-ins.

The most impressive, incentive-boosting trait of this app is its cash-reward program. If you’re extra good and attend all of your gym sessions as planned, GymPact will pay you with cash rewards. This money comes at the expense of fellow GymPacters who failed to attend the gym. The stakes money paid by the gym slackers gets divvied up and shelled out to the gym goers, based on the number of days committed. (If you have a Pact of 5 days, for instance, you will receive 5 portions of the reward money.)

Users can withdraw rewards via PayPal. Just don’t go and buy junk food with it!

Is this a good way to get in shape? It probably won’t work for everyone, but if the idea of wasting money is enough to drive you to action, this fitness app might be a motivational tool to try. All you need is the guts to make the initial pact.

Another tactic? Try having someone else make the monetary commitment for you. Maybe the thought of wasting their money will be more influential than losing your own.

Reviewed: Jan 20, 2012 |