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Hands Heater+: 3in1 Winter Pack

By Minoru Studio


While the main purpose of this winter weather app is extra warmth for cold hands, the coolest part of this iPhone app is actually the altimeter.

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Hands Heater+ is an iPhone app that either:  A. warms your hands in cold weather, or B. is just for fun. What it definitely does do: displays temperature and utilizes an altimeter to give you your height above sea level.

There are three screens to this hot-or-not app. The home screen, which is the “heater” (fashioned after an old-school floor unit – coils and all), is supposed to emit heat using four settings: normal, low, high or max. Upon activating we were expecting a toasty warmth to shoot out from the iPhone in pleasant even waves. Or at least enough for this cold hands app to live up to its name. Sadly, this was not the case.

This is probably a blessing, as heat is an electronics killer, and the emission of additional warmth would certainly drain your battery life faster than running every single app you have at once.

The second screen of the app is a thermometer, which gives your local temperature and weather information (listed as “Informations” in the app’s charming foreign speak ) such as humidity, wind direction and speed. You can also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The last screen is the altimeter. This is actually the coolest (no pun intended) part of this iPhone app. It displays how high you are above sea level in meters and feet. And yes, it does work as you move. 

Hands Heater+ was an app we were very excited to use for its intended purpose – to provide warmth for cold hands. But this app wasn’t made for that (we don’t think, and if it was, well, that’s just sad) and the novelty of having a non-working heater in our pockets wore off after about a minute. The app isn’t free (at $0.99) and wouldn’t be worth it even if it were.

In summation: there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell we’ll open up Hands Heater+ again seeking warmth. If you’re looking for temperature or sea level, then this iPhone app might be worth something to you.

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Reviewed: Dec 05, 2011 |