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Business cards and those little black books are things of the past. Go digital with the Hashable app designed for professional networking by keeping track of your career connections on your phone. This free productivity app for iPhone and Android is the best way to keep up with new connections and relationships.

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If you’re headed to a conference, an important work function or you happen to bump into someone that could affect your future career while in line at the coffee shop, odds are you want to hand them your business card. But how many of us actually carry those ill-designed company contact cards or remember to follow up with your new connection in the next week, month or (heaven forbid) year?

We’ve all got a lot going on in our modern, non-stop lives, so may we suggest downloading a helpful productivity app? Hashable makes creating professional connections easy, and it takes the stress out of furthering your career. The social app for professionals handles all your important relationships on any device (whether it’s mobile or desktop) by saving and remembering everyone you meet.

Easily create a Hashable account by logging in with your Facebook or Twitter information. Next, tap the Hash button in the tool bar to start adding connections. Type in your new contact’s Twitter handle or valid email address to bring up a panel with important information fields such as where you met this person, important tags about your meeting and a message you would like to send this newly formed connection. Hashable will also provide the option to attach a virtual business card with all your pertinent contact information (email address, phone number, Twitter handle, website, blog, etc.). Send a Hashable email straight from the app with everything related to your new connection meeting by tapping the email icon at the bottom of the screen. Or, if this entry is just a personal log for yourself, tap the save button to skip the messaging option.

After saving a contact into Hashable, the free app asks when you would like to be reminded to follow up with this new person. Select a date to send your next message or a reminder time frame to give yourself time to think about how you would like to proceed with this new connection. Your reminder will be added to your Hashable calendar, which can be easily accessed from the main toolbar.

While you may consider yourself a networking machine, Hashable also allows you to follow the actions of your connections with the activity feed to compare networking notes. See what new contacts they have added to Hashable and discover if any of their connections sync with your inner circle. You can also review your own personal activity feed and browse your connection history.

Display a full list of all your Hashable connections with a simple tap of the Contacts button in the toolbar. Tap any name in the list to view a contact profile along with any notes about your initial meeting and upcoming reminders. From this screen, you can also introduce this Hashable contact to others with the Introduction button or add any additional reminders or notes about this person.

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