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HBO GO offers HBO subscribers the same sweet access they have on the big screen. The free video app lets you watch your favorite HBO shows, plus a whole bunch of movies, documentaries and trailers on the go.

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If you have HBO on your television, we can’t think of one (not one!) reason why you wouldn’t have HBO GO. The video app is free to HBO subscribers, and it offers just as much access to your favorite TV shows as you get on your TV, just on the go. Its grade-A streaming quality doesn’t hurt, either.

When you launch HBO GO, the app prompts you to choose your television provider. Once you do this and enter your username and password, the gates of brainless entertainment open.

You can browse for your video of choice by category (such as Movies, Series, Comedy and Documentary) or you can simply use the Search tool. Search for the show, say, Entourage, and the app will produce your result and lead you to a page where all of the Entourage seasons are housed.

HBO GO also offers a boatload of movies, and not just those outdated indie ones. Blockbusters abound, and each movie is accompanied by its general information (actors, plot, etc.), too. You can view sneak peak trailers of upcoming movies, or you can grab your Snuggie, lean back and relax with the full thing (just make sure you have your phone charger at hand).

The Watchlist section in the HBO GO app acts as a convenient “watch it later” hub, where you ping shows you don’t want to forget for a later time. This area also lists which shows or movies you’ve recently viewed.

If you’re an HBO junkie, download HBO GO and watch your favorite shows while riding the bus, laying in bed, sitting in the waiting room, quenching boredom during class or wherever else you please.

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