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Hockey Goal Horns

By Sperensis


If you can’t get to a hockey game, bring some of its sounds to you with this app that gives you NHL goal horns for all 30 teams. You can even create your own horn and find creative ways to use all the sounds.

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You’re playing a little street hockey or air hockey when suddenly the mood strikes: This would be the perfect opportunity to blast your favorite NHL goal horn.

There are several goal-horn apps on the market (some using similar names, so make sure you get the right one), and Hockey Goal Horns by Sperensis is at the top of our list.

The app’s interface is easy to use and opens with a list of all 30 NHL teams, complete with play and stop buttons. The horns sound clear, and in many you can even hear the crowd noise. There are also tracks with traditional organ music that you’d hear during a game. Each horn can be added to a playlist (you can be really annoying and play them all back to back to back) or used as your phone’s ringtone.

You can also build a custom sound using horns, songs, crowd cheers and an air siren. The app doesn’t let you do any editing of your horn, but you can share it via email. And what horn sound wouldn’t be complete without a spinning red light? The app has that too.

If hockey isn’t your thing, get creative. Other fun uses for the horns: Signaling your kids that it’s time for dinner, using the app as your bike horn or scaring the bejesus out of the guy in the cubicle next to you.

Reviewed: Mar 26, 2012 |