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Ever wondered what a house was worth? When it was sold? Well now, no matter where you are, this info and more is quickly and easily attainable using HomeSnap.

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You know that house for sale that you've had your eye on, yet you could never set aside the time to do your research? Well, those days are over. Simply point and click, wait five seconds, and voila! HomeSnap responds with the price tag, address and vital statistics.

Not only is the HomeSnap real-estate app informative, but it's really fun and unbelievably addictive. Once you start snapping photos of homes for sale, you'll keep snapping until your phone battery dies. The speed of data recall and the level of information is truly astounding. 

And this iPhone app doesn't just offer information based on your photos; it allows you to browse other people's photos as well, both locally and nationwide. Curious about what's available in your neighborhood? HomeSnap has a ton of homes you can check out. There's a huge database of different homes located in cities across the country. Thinking about that house you liked in Franklin, Tennessee? Tap Stream and navigate to your desired city. It's quite possible that home's information is available on HomeSnap.

If that isn't enough of a reason to download the app, it allows you to stream your own photos or check out others from cities and towns across the country, save pics of homes to your favorites list, post information to Facebook, get help, rate the app, contact the developers, configure your settings, and take photos in Stealth mode, so a suspicious homeowner won't know you're birdwatching their house. When you tap the HomeSnap spy in Stealth mode, the app scans the neighborhood and finds information on the immediate location.

One set-up issue: You will have to register with Sawbuck and confirm your email address in order to make use of the app's full potential. But believe us, it's a step worth taking in order to access the amount of data available at the touch of a screen. This augmented reality is a world you won't want to leave.

HomeSnap is truly an app that any home buyer simply should not live without. And to top it all off, it's free. Too bad that house you want isn't the same.

Reviewed: Apr 16, 2012 |

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