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Fight the battle against meter maids! And for only a buck, you will save hundreds on parking tickets with this one iPhone app. With alerts and GPS, you and your car will be armed against the worry of potential parking fees. Excuses no longer necessary!

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Chances are you don’t really have a friendly relationship with your neighborhood meter maid. On the scale of occupations that are good for humanity that help spread brotherly love, parking enforcement officer probably ranks near the bottom. They have a quota, and they don’t care that you’re just one inch in the red or that you’re only 30 seconds late to refill your meter. This is war.

And Honk is your secret weapon.

Simply input your meter limit and an alarm is set—as well as a clever GPS marker for your car. Even for those times you’re parked without a meter, this app comes in handy. No more aimlessly wandering the parking lot hitting the Panic button, wondering if your car has been stolen.

Better yet, the interface is simple and beautiful. No confusing or eyesore menus to fumble through. If you’re paranoid about the meter time, fear not: The app’s alarm will go off just like any other alarm, and the countdown appears on the app icon itself, like a widget. A quick glance is all you need. There’s no way that pesky meter maid can get you now!

This $0.99 app is likely to save you hundreds of dollars. Even if it prevents only one parking ticket in your future, it will have paid for itself many times over.

So the next time you get back to your car just in the nick of time, don’t be surprised to find a disappointed meter maid waiting. Just tell them, “Sorry. There’s nothing I can do.” You owe them a few.

Reviewed: Jul 10, 2012 |

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