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With HotelsByMe, you can find an array of hotels by you, in a given location and at a certain rate. For the essential information it offers and easy booking options, this hotel-finder app is one of our favorites for travel.

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HotelsByMe is one of the more comprehensive hotel-finder apps on the market today.

First, this app has a beautiful presentation. It’s easy to navigate, uses identifiable icons and has an organized layout. The designers at have gone well beyond the mint on the pillow here.

And this app is no one-trick pony, either. It offers you several pertinent ways to find a hotel room. You can call, search for an existing reservation, look up a recent reservation you’ve made, view favorites, choose from a specific country or currency and get support (in a variety of ways as well).

But the real reason you have HotelsByMe is to get a you. So, use the top field to punch in a location, and that’s where this app shines brighter than the freshly mopped, marble-tile lobby at the Four Seasons (OK, that’s not too shabby, either).

Key in a zip code, a city, an address or a landmark and HotelsByMe goes to work. We typed in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, just for fun to see what we got.

Within a second, 20 hotels came up with a thumbnail photo of each. Pedigree information (price, ratings, nearby destinations) pops up so you can make an informed selection. And if those hotels aren’t to your liking, scroll down and load more. The list seems to go on and on.

Once you find something you like, give it a tap and everything that hotel has to offer is literally at your fingertips. Need a fitness center? HotelsByMe tells you whether or not you’ll be able to work up that sweat. Traveling with Fido? The app will let you know if the hotel is pet-friendly too.

Scroll down and choose the room type you want to book, tap Book It, fill out the required fields and you’re done. Your hotel room awaits. Now that’s 5 star service.

Reviewed: Jun 11, 2012 |

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