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House Hunter

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The House Hunter app lets you track potential properties in your real-estate search, so you can prioritize and compare the listings later on. With the premium version, you can also calculate mortgages and homes’ cost per square foot.

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House hunting can be an overwhelming process, and by the time you put in a weekend’s worth of research and open-house visits, you’re likely to lose track of homes that you want to keep your eye on.

The House Hunter app helps you stay organized in your search. The iPhone app lets you create a file on each property you visit. Just enter its address and make note of basic stats such as the amount of bedrooms, or you can tap Get Location to populate the file with your current GPS location (use the latter feature at open houses, during drive bys, etc.).

Once you’ve uploaded a property, you can make notes on it and apply ratings within the file’s Scorecard—the point being that you will never forget about that water stain on the ceiling or the horrendous back yard. When the time comes to make home-buying decisions, you can browse through your saved home files, which are sorted by their rank.

The premium version of this app offers a mortgage calculator, a tool that calculates cost per square foot, and more than 80 home features to use when describing and prioritizing your homes. (The free version only has 15.)

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