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Houzz Interior Design Ideas

By Houzz Inc.


Learn how to channel your inner interior designer with Houzz, a free iPhone app and desktop website that gives you ideas, advice and guidance on projects from start to finish. With over 500,000 high-quality photos to browse through, Houzz has the largest database of home-design ideas on the web. Houzz even connects you with professionals to assist you on your home remodeling projects.

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Do you have the urge to spruce up your old space? Or, perhaps you are looking to furnish and redesign a new one. Houzz is a free iPhone app and website that provides you with inspiration, professional advice and guidance for thousands of different home-remodeling ideas. Houzz is equipped with over 500,000 high-resolution photos to let your inner designer explore freely.

Upon first opening the app, a large photo fills the background, and you have the option to quickly begin swiping through the day’s most popular pictures. The menu bar, located at the bottom of the screen, is intuitive to every photo. It displays the option to select Share, Professional, Tags or Info. The app allows you to share the photo on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and also via email.

The Professional option, displayed by a protractor icon, brings you to a page that credits the company who created the work in the photo. Find out their location, trade, contact information and a description of their business. This can come in handy if you specifically want the same work done on your own house. The Professional page also shows other projects that the company has done.

The Tags option is unique to every photo. If the menu displays the Tag icon, tap on the tag and little green tags will lay on top of items within the photo you’re viewing. Tap on one of the green tags to get a description of the product, price, the vendor and comments from other Houzz users. Some tags are posted directly from vendors. The bottom menu bar of the app gives you the option to tap on the vendor, visit the store, share or return to the main screen by selecting “done.”

To venture to the rest of the app’s content, tap on the drop-down menu in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. You can choose to explore photos, products, “ideabooks” and professionals, or take a look at your own Houzz account, appropriately titled “My Houzz.”

The photo and product pages are specifically organized into narrowing categories. For photos, you can narrow down your options by room, metro area and style. So if you are looking for a more contemporary, New York–style kitchen, Houzz finds the photos for you and you can start discovering.

Product pages are categorized by room, home decor and style, and there is a list of the prices of the items. What we really love about this app is the ability to explore the photos and remember the ones that sparked your inspiration and interest. Houzz gives you the ability to create an “ideabook.” Houzz’s Ideabook feature is a way for you to organize your ideas by project. If you are deciding to turn your old garage into a guest room, you can use an ideabook to harness your inspiration for certain furniture you might like, window treatments, paint, wallpaper, etc. You can create multiple ideabooks for various home-remodeling projects.

In order to create an ideabook, you must have your own Houzz profile. Additionally, you can also download ideabooks from other users to see how a project or room you like gets complete from start to finish. 

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