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Hulu Plus offers unlimited, on-demand video streaming from popular TV networks. Watch your favorite shows anywhere you go, just as long as you have a Hulu Plus subscription.

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Hulu was at the leading edge of online streaming content half a decade ago. Once the bane of television networks, the little online company was able to parlay its innovation into a lasting service with the blessing of those same networks. Hulu convinced television networks like ABC, Comedy Central, FOX and NBC that streaming online was the will of the viewers, and the rest is e-history.

Critics would argue that Hulu Plus is not a suitable replacement for television. Even though $7.99 per month is a mere fraction of most cable and satellite subscriptions, if you really want TV (complete with live news and sporting events), you’re probably still going to have TV. This makes the Hulu Plus service a bit of a redundancy.

Fans, however, would contest that a full cable subscription is not only overkill, but that the convenience of on-demand, unlimited streaming is well worth the price of admission. That $7.99 also comes with access to Hulu’s library through your video-game console of choice and, of course, a mobile app.

Though the Hulu Plus library isn’t as enormous as you might expect (nothing close to Netflix, for comparison’s sake), it’s unrivaled for new content. The latest episodes of Modern Family and Homeland, for example, are available as soon as they air, without expiration.

The mobile app is easy to navigate and the streaming is surprisingly quick, even on just a 3G connection. The trade off, however, is quality. Even on the high-quality setting, there is some notable distortion in the picture. Then again, on a screen as small as your phone, HD would be almost gratuitous. If you want the full resolution experience, you can watch on your computer.

Users complain of compatibility issues from phone to phone—so make sure you test some of the free content on the app before you throw down for a Hulu Plus subscription.

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