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Hurricane Party

By Hurricane Party, Inc.


Whether you’re new to an area, visiting a new city or just wanting to try something different in your hometown, Hurricane Party is all about spontaneous good times. Find, create and share impromptu parties with your friends or the public with this free party app. Hurricane Party is an instant party; just add friends.

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Hurricane is a fun party-finder app for any occasion, even if you don't consider yourself a huge party animal. Hurricane Party helps you find, share and create spontaneous parties anywhere. You could create a party just for your friends or make it public and invite the whole town. It’s completely up to you with this free party app for iPhone.

The app's philosophy is all about connecting with your real friends in the real world. You can create your own party or find the one nearest you. What’s unique and fun about Hurricane Party is that it can open your good time to the community, and you never know whom you might meet at a Hurricane Party.

To use the app, you have two simple options: find a party or start a party. By tapping Find a Party, a list is generated with all the events happening now or in the near future based on your current GPS. Click over to the map view to see a Google map dotted with hurricane icons indicating parties. Tap any of the icons from the map or entries in the list view to get detailed information about who created the party, when it will happen, where it will be and if any of your other Hurricane Party friends plan to attend or are already there.

Looking to start your own party? Tap the Start Party button and fill in the fields of what, where, when and who is invited. You can keep your party locked for only those you invite, open it up to only your Hurricane Party friends or make it completely public for anyone using this party app. There’s even an option to email your friends an invitation or post it on Facebook and Twitter.

This party app certainly keeps its users informed about the latest shindigs in town. Select to receive party alerts and updates from the social app, connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay connected when a new event pops up onto your radar, and import events that you want to share with the public.

Hurricane Party is a really unique resource for social people looking for fun, whether in their hometown or in new cities. Now get out there and get to know the people that like to have a good time in your area!

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