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Ice Rage

By Mountain Sheep


Select your player from a strange, tough cast of characters, then prepare for some dizzying fun in this fast-paced hockey game. Ice Rage won’t simulate team hockey, but it will get you on the ice and force you to anticipate each carom of the puck.

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You’re speeding on skates alone toward the goal, readying your shot when—wham! An insanely strong bear knocks you flat on your back. Welcome to Ice Rage.

If you’re looking for a game that is a close simulation to real team hockey, this isn’t it. But it is highly addictive. The hockey game app pits one player and a goalie against another two-person crew. You can play alone or against another person.

Your virtual players are some wacky characters, ranging from George, the “failed film director who now plays hockey” (and who bears a striking resemblance to George Lucas), to the growling Enviro-Bear.

The controls for the gameplay are simple. One button lets you move your player across the ice while another makes him shoot or check. You can let the game control your goalie in Easy or Medium modes, or you can control both players in the Hard mode (it’s super challenging to move two players with one controller).

Where it gets tricky is slowing yourself down to capture the loose puck. We often find ourselves skating full steam toward a puck, only to have it take a wild carom off the boards. You really need to anticipate every ricochet to have enough time to turn before your opponent does.

The app’s game modes and options are very basic. You can play a Quick Match or in a tournament where you’re out after one loss. There isn’t much customization, though there are a few extra players (including a mean-looking Santa Claus) you can purchase through the app.

Reviewed: Mar 26, 2012 |