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Who knew one app could provide so many photo-editing options? The iDarkroom photo app not only has the traditional filters found in most image-editing apps, it goes above and beyond with color-contrast adjustments, a variation of blurring techniques, unique texture effects and a range of cropping options that are sure to bring attention to your iPhoneography skills.

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It’s never been easier to spice up your iPhone mobile photos with traditional darkroom photography effects—all with the swipe of a finger. iDarkroom is packed with awesome editing tools to bring your iPhoneography skills to the next level.

The four main categories of iDarkroom include cropping, special effects, color and texture tweaking, and level adjustments. The cropping option allows for free-transform size editing along with traditional photo sizes and a rotation tool. Under the special-effects category, users can make images look as though they were captured off a television screen, add radial and linear blurs, and add rippling or wave effects.

The color-and-textures section of this photo app boasts the greatest variety of photo alterations to jazz up images. Scroll through an array of color overlays, old-style camera effects and film-development techniques to create a unique tone to any image. You can even select from various paper options such as cardboard, sand, recycled and canvas to add subtle texture to the background. Next, lay a filter of peeling paint, grunge or scratches if you want a weathered look or older feel on your photo. Don’t forget to frame your masterpiece with a unique border or inlay such as an instant Polaroid or filmstrip.

The levels section allows you to adjust the contrast and brightness of colors and shadows. Pull hot or cold colors to the front of your images or have colors blend together with the blending tool. Adjust the overall tone of your image for natural or fluorescent lighting and use the slider scale to find the right amount of color contrast.

The main control panel provides the option to take a new photo with your phone’s camera or select an image from your camera roll. Once you’ve tweaked your photo to your heart’s content, save your image and share it via email or connect directly to a list of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Evernote and Tumblr. You can always refresh your image while editing and go back to its original form with the start-over button. Or, if you want a quick yet unique edit done for you, tap the random button.

The only issue with iDarkroom is the lack of clarity on what each filter and effect will actually do to your image. This photo app requires a lot of trial and error to see how certain editing tools work. All sections and tools are simply depicted using icons; no text or titles are found anywhere in the interface. While some may see the lack of clarity as a frustrating at times, it also allows for more experimentation and playing with the different tools to see what happens.

Reviewed: Feb 29, 2012 |

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