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This isn’t your traditional to-do list app. The goal is to inspire you to do more today by looking back at all you accomplished yesterday and the days prior. It takes some personal inspiration, however, to continue logging all of your completed tasks. Good luck!

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For those of you who can’t get anything done, iDoneThis likely won’t help. But for others who can be mildly productive but need a nudge to do more, this app is for you.

The idea behind the free app and its corresponding website is simple: Each day you receive an alert on your mobile device or in an email asking you to spend 30 seconds to list what you accomplished. Once you reply, the tasks are added to your iDoneThis calendar and, if you choose, emailed back to you the next day. The premise is that the email allows you to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished, which hopefully motivates you to do more.

You can also marvel at what others—family, friends and coworkers—have gotten done. Create a team and each member can add accomplishments to one calendar. So you could track the progress of a certain project at work, for example, or adapt the group emails for another use, such as an easy way to get ongoing feedback from a focus group. You can add and edit the members through the website after you put together the team.

If the thought of yet another daily email or mobile notification bothers you, just try customizing your iDoneThis settings. You can change the times and frequency for when the notifications occur.

One drawback to the app is that it has much less functionality than On the website, for example, you can edit and search your calendar, which is something you can’t do on the mobile app. You can also export your list or email it from your computer. So, for the full experience, the app is handy, but the website must be used.

And of course there is one obvious potential pothole toward productivity: You must be inspired enough to compile the list each day and read it the next.

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