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iMapMyRun may not be the best run-tracking app, but for free, it’s pretty darn good.

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No more guessing at (or completely fabricating) your running pace or distance. iMapMyRun uses your smartphone’s GPS technology to track your routes and distances, mapping where you went and how long you were out so you can accurately track mileage and pace. You can connect with friends who also use the app for motivation, connect to your iPod from within the app and even track other types of workouts, like walking, hiking and cycling.

Once you set up a MapMyRun account, you get full access to the app and its Web features. The app is easy to navigate and stores your running workout information so you can review it over time. More features are available if you upgrade to the paid app version (just $2) — dropping the ads and adding audio cues to help you stay on track during workouts — but they’re definitely not essential. One feature we wish this app had that some other running apps offer is automatic stop detection. We also wish it didn’t get buggy sometimes — miscalculating distance and, worse, crashing. Even so, for free, what’s offered is pretty good, especially for anyone getting serious about running.

Just make sure your phone is well charged before you head out: With GPS running and music playing, you’re going to notice a big drain on your battery life.

Reviewed: Sep 26, 2011 |

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