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By Andrew Ross


Do you want to make environmentally conscious decisions but don’t know where to go? The inBloom app is easily customizable for your specific dietary and eco-friendly priorities. According to your location, the app will pinpoint the closest organic, sustainable and eco-friendly businesses.

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inBloom is a Yelp-like search app that helps you make healthier and more eco-friendly choices when you eat, shop or travel. So whether you’re a locavore, vegan or all-around believer in sustainability, you can stay true to your dietary and environmental beliefs on the go.

And while you may think the app was created by tree-hugging environmental activists, it was actually founded by indie rockers. College buddies and fellow musicians Andy Ross of OK Go and Eytan Oren of Eytan and the Embassy (who met at Columbia University) created inBloom out of their desire to find eco-friendly businesses while touring.

To use inBloom, simply tap see goodness nearby or do a quick search among the eat, shop and travel categories. inBloom pulls up the nearest locations that include restaurants, supermarkets and hotels that you may never have known were so eco-awesome!

When the app pulls up the locations, it provides you with how far it is from your current location, name, address, directions, overview and Yelp reviews. Once you tap on a location, inBloom produces a description of the place and even whether the business accepts credit cards or has Wi-Fi.

You can also filter your search results if you know what type of location you’re looking for. Under the eat category, you can choose to filter your results by restaurants, coffee/tea, sweets, bakeries and juice. Under the shop category, you can view results by grocery, markets, sweets, eco wear and eco home. And for the travel category, you can see the outcomes under hotels, fuel, b&b, camping and charging.

To customize your preferences further, you can tap the settings icon on the home screen and change your location, select presets and set expert settings that allow you to narrow down your results to select kinds of businesses.

Lastly, inBloom offers a map feature that shows you locations listed in a geographic format. It’s the perfect app for sticking to a vegan, locavore, organic or any other green lifestyle on the go.

Reviewed: Feb 16, 2012 |

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