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Get lost in the world of Instagram with this realtime search app. Browse Instagram photos by location and watch on a map as they magically appear after being uploaded from places around the world. Or, you can set search criteria based on tags and filter whatever you don’t want to see. Whatever your Instagram taste, Instamap is sure to satisfy your iPhoneography hunger just the way you like it.

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As the Instagram user base grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to find new iPhoneographers to follow if you have something particular in mind. Let’s say you want to find an Instagramer in London, England with photos that focus on the unique architecture of the city, or you miss seeing the cattle ranches and rodeos from your time spent in Texas. Never fear; Instamap is here!

Instamap is an iPhoneograhy app that redefines the way in which we browse Instagram photos. With this photo-viewing app, you now have the power to craft your subscriptions. Users of Instamap can browse through photos based on location, tag or Instagramer. No matter what point on our planet you choose or what tag you want, users can see the latest corresponding photos posted live in realtime.

View photos in the traditional tile view or pinned directly on a map of your chosen location. If you select a gallery, the photos appear individually with details such as username, location, photo description, other tags, comments and likes. Go ahead and join in the conversation with your own comment or like and then follow the Instagramer by tapping on their avatar.

Just like with Instagram, users of Instamap can view popular photos, their own stream and their liked photo gallery.  However, with a clean user interface and simple buttons, you will always know exactly what criteria you have entered to look for new Instagramers and their photos with Instamap. Better yet, the load time is quick. Just put in the location you want to see and watch as the photos appear.

Realtime browsing through a defined subscription of location, tags and users broadens the Instagram experience to iPhoneographers across the globe.

Reviewed: Feb 29, 2012 |

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