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Into the Dead

By PikPok


Can you outrun the walking dead? In this zombie apocalypse game, you’ll need to utilize an arsenal of weapons and run like mad to survive.

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It seems like everywhere we turn, out comes yet another zombie movie, TV show or game. Into the Dead for the iPhone falls into that category, but it definitely doesn’t fall through the cracks. Instead of a cliché game, Into the Dead is a gruesome adventure into the zombie apocalypse, where you’ll have to constantly be on the move and protect yourself by any means necessary to live another day.

Once you open the game, it’ll ask you your preferable way of controls. Choose from tilt, touch, thumb stick and thumb stick mirrored. We went with tilt and found it to be very responsive. On to the plot: you just survived a helicopter crash and landed in a field of zombies. So now you run—as fast and as far away from them as possible, veering from the walking dead left, right and center.

Every time you die by colliding with one of the many flesh eaters, the app shows your results. The first page indicates your missions. For example, some of the initial missions are to “collect a weapon from a crate,” “use a perk,” and “view weapons in the armory.” You receive 250 points for completing each mission.

Weapons are found randomly in supply crates. However, you’ll need enough points to purchase them, and you’ll need to continue unlocking an arsenal of powerful weapons to stay alive. Our only critique is there’s no free aiming of the guns. You have to run directly toward a zombie in attempts to take them down before running into them and being eaten alive.

What really makes this game worthwhile is the stunning 3D graphics and refined sounds. And the missions and mini goals offer constant challenges to overcome and high personal scores to beat. The zombies resemble “walkers” in the hit TV show The Walking Dead, and the sounds they make are chillingly grim. If you appreciate a little darkness, try this zombie game (for free!).

Reviewed: Feb 08, 2013 |

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