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By Inner Four, Inc.


Jack Frost got you down with winter weather? This thermometer app won’t add any warmth to your woes.

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The iTemperature iPhone app is able to calculate and display the temperature wherever you are, inside or out.

There are a lot of thermometer apps out there that calculate temperature, provide various weather scenarios and assist you in keeping Jack Frost at bay, and iTemperature is, without a doubt, not one of them.

There are two (whole!) screens inclusive in this cold weather app. The home screen simply shows a picture of a thermometer that has no functionality whatsoever and the second screen houses another thermometer with only a single function. It gives you the temperature – and that’s all.

The thermometer with functionality has a large red button that you click to get your weather reading.  Once you click, you wait… and wait… and wait. Frankly, you wait an inordinate amount of time for something as simple as the temperature. 

Then, once it gives you the temperature (as long as you allow it to use your current location), it… (get ready for this) displays it. What’s worse, the display doesn’t last, and the city readout is tiny. Adding insult to injury, if you look away for a split second you’ll miss the temperature.

We would say iTemperature is a total waste of time, even if it were free. But it isn’t at $0.99.  Looking to arm you and your iPhone against the next winter weather advisory? Do yourself a favor and turn a cold shoulder to iTemperature.

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Reviewed: Dec 05, 2011 |