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iTriage Mobile Health

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iTriage, which was reportedly started by two ER docs, helps you diagnose conditions, research diseases and treat illnesses.

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A medical app reportedly started by two emergency room physicians? Seems like a good app to have in a crisis, right? iTriage helps you diagnose conditions, research diseases and treat illnesses with a few taps of the screen. When you begin, the app wants to know the gender of the person in need so it can diagnose conditions more accurately. Have an itchy tummy? According to iTriage, if you’re female it could be a whole range of conditions, from an allergic reaction to pregnancy.

iTriage is likely to be used most as a diagnostic tool, but the app also helps locate doctors and the nearest emergency rooms — complete with maps, directions and average wait times. It also has a space called MyTriage, which allows you to store your insurance, provider and medical information.

While an app can never take the place of a live doctor, it can help you decide if your 102-degree temperature is worth a trip to the ER or if it can wait until the morning. If you’re unsure, iTriage also provides telephone numbers for medical advice lines.

Reviewed: Jun 13, 2011 |