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Jasmine V: Up Close and Personal

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The Jasmine V: Up Close and Personal app gives Jasminators (fans of the teen pop star Jasmine Villages) a new way to interact with the singer. The celebrity app gives a closer look into the life of Jasmine V and offers beauty, fashion and hair tips.

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The latest in a slew of celebrity apps is the updated Jasmine V: Up Close and Personal app, now for Android, from teen pop singer Jasmine Villegas (or Jasmine V, for short). For the 18-year-old singer (known for hit singles All These Boys and Serious), the app is yet another way to connect with her fans ... and she has a lot of fans.

Like another pop sensation, Jasmine V has her own term for her fans: Jasminators (think Lada Gaga’s Little Monsters). Jasmine V has more than a million followers on Twitter, over 60 million YouTube views and 209,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. Her app offers more personal information (from how she got her start in the music industry to her favorite spring fashion styles), plus it will feature exclusive content that’s not included anywhere else. And by content, we mean mostly videos.

The video-heavy Jasmine V: Up Close and Personal app is broken up into four “chapters” and a Favorites section. In the first chapter’s video, Jasmine V talks about her start: It’s a story of how she got discovered by an industry scout while walking down the street singing. She also talks about her Filipino-Mexican family (she was the only girl out of four children), her childhood growing up in San Jose, CA, as well as her musical inspiration, which includes Alicia Keys and Chris Brown.

As with any of the chapters, you can watch the video to discover these fun facts, or you can read the narrative below (it’s the same information that’s included in the video).

The second chapter is titled "Fashion Forward," and here, Jasmine V shares fashion tips and peaks into her personal closet. Chapter three talks beauty and skincare tips, and chapter four highlights footage from how the Jasmine V app was made.

The star’s official app also includes extra content, such as dating tips from Jasmine V and demos of her hairstyles, for in-app purchases of 99 cents.

If Jasmine V is one of your favorite popstars, this app is a cool way to discover more about the celebrity and to learn all those girly tips a Seventeen magazine has to offer.

Reviewed: Apr 20, 2012 |