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Jobs by gives you the ability to instantly apply to new listings from your phone — if only it worked a bit more smoothly.

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We hate to start any review with “in this economy,” but here goes: In this economy, if you’re one of the millions of Americans out of work, you’re likely leaving no resource untapped to find a job. This typically means the unenviable tasks of “updating your resume,” “pounding the pavement” and “signing up on job search websites.”

The double-edged sword of sites like, which built this particular app, is that they open the scope of your job search to thousands of potential employers you would otherwise know nothing about… while offering the same to thousands of competing applicants. For the employers, that’s great; for you, not so much.

Ideally, an app like Jobs can give you a leg up: job searching in your pocket, the ability to instantly apply to new listings from your phone. However, the process of looking for a job is much more complex and detailed than merely being quick on the draw. There is no resume import function (meaning you have to type it up on your phone — yuck) and no instant notification system for new job postings with keywords.

While we’re all for improving the unemployment rate, we’re worried that having all of those would-be jobs stuffed in your pocket might be more overwhelming than helpful.

Reviewed: Jun 14, 2011 |