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Battery monitors keep your smartphone’s life full. Your phone-dying days are over with this Android battery-life app.

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JuiceDefender is another excellent entry in the “it’s named for what it does” contingent of apps. If you’re having trouble getting through a full day without your phone dying, or your smartphone’s battery is over a year old, we recommend this battery-monitoring app.

JuiceDefender works by automatically turning on or off the features on your phone that drain battery life. If enabled constantly, features such as screen brightness, Wi-Fi, 4G and high data usage will accelerate the drain on your latest charge. This battery-life app allows you to set which features you’d like it to regulate, including the ability to schedule when your phone refreshes your email inbox and Twitter feed.

If you’d rather not get into the minutia of the custom setup or you’re not quite sure which specific feature is draining your smartphone’s battery life, you can choose from preset profiles that offer varying levels of battery-monitoring aggressiveness. You can also customize the app’s notifications so that you can know what’s turned off when and why, but we prefer to keep our notifications as light as possible. The benefit of the app, after all, is that it monitors your battery life for you.

JuiceDefender’s biggest drawback is that there are three different versions: free, Plus and Ultimate. Obviously, each battery-monitor version offers more features and customization than the last. Knowing which one is right for you depends on how much your smartphone battery needs saving. We recommend that you start with the free version and see if that gets you the extra daily squeeze you’re looking for from your smartphone battery. But if you’re a huge battery hog or your Android battery is over a year old, jumping straight to the ultimate package might be the best battery-app version for you.

This Android battery life app is included in a scenario about green apps for America Recycles Day.

Reviewed: Nov 09, 2011 |

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