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Karma is one of the best shopping apps to select and send last-minute gifts to friends and family members. The best part: You don’t need a mailing address or even email to send that special something.

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We celebrate them every year, yet somehow, we’re still prone to forgetting friends’ and family members’ birthdays. Personally, those of us here at The Recapp seem to only remember birthdays either when we see them listed on Facebook or when it’s only two days before the date. Tough luck that a card won’t make it in through snail mail soon enough.

What to do? We recommend downloading Karma, one of our new favorite gift apps.

Karma is an app for last-minute gift givers, whether you’re celebrating birthdays, holidays, congratulations or just-because moments. This best part is that it features unique gifts, such as wine in bags, Andy Warhol-inspired prints and runaway alarm clocks.

To use Karma, tap Start a New Gift and browse featured gifts for different types of people. Karma sorts gift recipients into Foodie, Geek, Host, Romantic, Baby and more categories, so the gifts you browse will easily be catered to the person you’re shopping for. You can also sort by price (good for users on a budget).

Let's say you’ve decided on the Super Mario Bros wall decals for your nephew. Gifts like this have two versions (the basic Super Mario Bros. design or the New Super Mario Bros. design). The cool thing is you can let the gift recipient choose which one they want. Same thing goes for wine and food types or clothing of different colors. Now there's no mistaking getting the wrong version of a gift.

Here is the major benefit of using Karma: You don’t have to know a person’s mailing address or even email to send him or her a gift. You can simply notify the recipient via text message (the person is likely already in your contacts) or through a Facebook message (the app can link to your Facebook account).

The reason we love Karma is because after you choose a gift and send it off, you’re notified every step of the way about the gift’s status. You receive text messages like, “Sara is reading your card as we speak," "Track this gift,” and “Sara wants to say thanks for their gift. Read their message…” These notifications take you to where the personal messages are displayed. Karma also notifies you via email when your gifts have shipped, and it provides links to track the gift on UPS.

Karma is a must download for anyone who needs a gift (and that’s everyone). 

Reviewed: Mar 30, 2012 |

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