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Kaspersky Mobile Security

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Never again worry about phone privacy, location or viruses, thanks to one of the best Android security apps we’ve ever seen.

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Kaspersky Mobile Security may have an extremely cumbersome, business-like name to a handle, but what it lacks in sexy design and a catchy title it more than makes up for in comprehensive device security.

This is an Android security app that can do a whole heck of a lot: track your phone if it’s been lost or stolen, block all unwanted texts and phone calls, set the phone to private (no one will be able to see any calls or texts that have been made or received, and this can be managed from your PC as well), scan all apps for viruses, and even wipe your phone remotely if it is compromised.

Like most security apps, Kaspersky Mobile Security will require you to enter and set up an account so you can enable the app. Then you’ll have to pay for a year’s subscription ($29.99) right off the bat. So if you’re looking to get device/computer security for free or cheap, Kaspersky’s answer is: You will get what you pay for. Kaspersky does, however, provide a free app called Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite. It’s a shell of the paid version, with limited options.

One of the great components of the paid app is its remote capabilities. You can wipe your phone remotely (let’s hope you took your friend’s advice and back up your phone), but equally important and less drastic is the fact that you can remotely locate the phone and lock it. This last option is a solid one because if the device is simply misplaced, you won’t have to go through the difficult process of restoring all the information when you find it.

One thing Kaspersky doesn’t do is privacy reports. Some of the other Android security apps offer this option so you can find out what happened when your phone was away. It’s a nice option that’s been overlooked here, but not a deal breaker.

Kaspersky Mobile Security is powerful and extremely thorough, but it may only be desirable to security nuts since its price tag weighs in at a hefty $29.99 a year subscription. For those who want a taste of the service before paying up, try the Lite version.

Reviewed: Oct 15, 2012 |

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