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You don't have to live in California to get LA tunes. The KCRW Radio app brings you music, news and culture, broadcasting from the NPR-affiliate radio station. This music app has something for everyone.

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Of all of the many brilliant and robust radio stations in National Public Radio’s vast network, KCRW might be the best. With its self-proclaimed mix of news, music and culture, you would be hard pressed to not find something in the programming that appeals to you.

While the LA-based station is decidedly LA-centric (with movie-related programs like “The Treatment” and “The Business,” as well as food and restaurant programs like “Good Food”), this will only hinder your enjoyment of a handful of shows out of dozens if you live elsewhere. All of KCRW’s programming can be streamed live or on demand from its vast archive.

The real star here, though, is the 24-hour commercial-free music channel, Eclectic 24. This aptly-named stream is at the cutting edge of great new music, from Grammy winners to “obscure” bands. There may not be something for everyone—you’re not going to find death metal or gangster rap on an NPR affiliate, after all—but it’s pretty close. If you’re trying to brush up on your music knowledge or simply want something that’s both new and good, this station should please your ears.

It only manages 4 stars out of 5 because it seems a bit prone to unprovoked freezes and force quits, but this may not be an issue for everybody.

The app is of course free, but like all NPR stations, KCRW relies on listener contributions to survive. If you spend enough time with their programming, you’re almost bound to make one.

Reviewed: Apr 09, 2012 |

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