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Key Ring Reward Cards

By Mobestream Media


With the Key Ring Reward Cards app, you can store all of your reward cards, membership cards (gym, library) and even coupons right on your smartphone. Now that's clever.

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Tired of loyalty cards weighing down your wallet and cluttering your key ring? Hate when you forget to bring coupons with you to the store? The Key Ring Reward Cards app for Android and iPhone is a brilliant solution. This digital database allows you to store all of your reward cards, membership cards (gym, library), and even coupons, so you never have to hold up the checkout line digging through your wallet again. We especially love that you can input gift cards — no more losing those valuable little suckers!

Simply use your phone to snap photos of all the bar codes on the back of your various cards, and the app creates your own personal database. If your card doesn’t have a bar code, you can manually input the card’s identification number.

Key Ring is not only amazingly convenient, it's also super easy to use. Quite simply, we don’t know why you’d want to live without it.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |