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KitchenPad Timer

By Prativo Group Inc.


If your idea of cooked chicken resembles a hockey puck, download this cooking timer app for perfectly cooked meals.

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Whether you’re a skilled chef or just epicurious in the kitchen, it’s important to be smart and prepared when you embark on a culinary adventure. With the KitchenPad Timer, you can easily manage cook times for a range of kitchen activities—from that simple pot of mac and cheese to that elaborate dinner party with an array of cuisines.

The cooking app helps you keep track of what’s cooking, how much time remains and the current temperature settings for up to nine different dishes (five on the stovetop and four in the oven). There’s no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen with this app timer!

When the timer runs out, an alarm (or a sound you choose) and a push notification will alert you that your food is ready, even if the app is closed. You can also save specific cook times for your favorite dishes to use for another occasion (ensuring that you’ll never experience that burnt meatloaf again). KitchenPad Timer is a helpful digital assistant in the kitchen, making meals with perfectly cooked foods a cinch. 

Reviewed: Nov 07, 2011 |