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Knots Guide

By Winkpass Creations, Inc.


The Knots Guide app is a visual and easy-to-follow tool that teaches you the best knot-tying techniques.

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Who knew tying knots could be so much fun? If you’ve never taken the time to pick up a piece of string or rope to really learn the technique behind creating an effective slipknot or discovering what the heck a Sailor’s Gripping Hitch truly is, the Knots Guide app can help you learn the ropes (literally).

Upon opening the Knots Guide app, the user is shown a list of various knot categories such as binding and climbing knots, lashings, decorative, sailing and scout knots, to name a few. The user can also browse knots by name (if you’re a knot know-it-all). If you’re a knot newbie, check out the knot lingo section complete with a visual glossary. Either browse the list of useful knot terminology, or use the icons to see what each term is referring to on a rope or knot diagram.

The best part of the Knots Guide app is the visual step-by-step instructions that lead the user through the knot-tying process. Simply select the knot you want to learn from the list and follow the easy-to-understand pictures until completed. You can also learn the purpose for each knot you tie or add it to your favorite list for next time.

The Knots Guide app comes in a free and paid version. Functionality on both apps is exactly the same; the free app has a rotating advertisement at the bottom of the screen, while the paid app features more knots and no ads. If you’re just getting acquainted with the knot world, start with the free version and then spend the $1.99 for the more advanced app when you’re ready.

Reviewed: Oct 26, 2011 |