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Capture clouds floating in the sky, cars driving by or the rotating starry night sky—all condensed down into a video on your mobile phone. Lapse It for Android and iPhone lets you create cool-looking time-lapse videos.

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We see them a lot on the Discovery Channel. The Morgan Freeman voiceover describes a plant and its ecosystem while the face of a flower opens up before our eyes.

Sure, for a lengthy time-lapse scene like this, perhaps some video fast-forwarding was in play. But for shorter scenes (think clouds floating by in the sky), you can now create your own time-lapse videos on your smartphone with the video-editing app Lapse It.

Lapse It’s bread and butter is its time-lapse technology, producing “an accelerated view of slowly changing events,” as the app states on its Google Play page. Time-lapse videos are created by capturing images at a lower frame rate than your typical film, then stitching the images together quickly.

Anyway, all you really need to know is that Lapse It helps you create cool-looking videos right on your Android or iOS devices. Take a video or shoot a new one on your phone, then simply choose the frame-rate interval and the time scale (you’ll probably go with seconds).

The free version of Lapse It lets you produce a video with a resolution of 240p, but the Pro version (at $1.99) allows you to record all the way up to 1920 by 1080p. High-res, professional-looking videos are made possible on your measly mobile phone. Pretty sweet.

You can also edit the video (for example, its length) and add photo effects and music from your device. Best of all, there are no restrictions on your video’s length.

Perhaps the only downfall of this app is the downfall of any video app: You have to keep your phone still in order to produce a really great-looking video. We suggest getting a tripod or finding a level surface before you begin recording.

When you’re done creating your time-lapse video, you can convert your file to an MP3 or MP4 format and share it via networks including YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Dropbox.

Reviewed: Aug 21, 2012 |