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Lemon – Receipts Refreshed

By Lemon, Inc.


Get that pile of receipts organized with the free Lemon app. You can create basic spreadsheets to help determine where your money is going, or you can combine multiple accounts to see how the whole family is spending.

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If you are looking to keep a basic tally of where you spend your money, Lemon – Receipts Refreshed is worth a try.

This is how the Lemon app works: Take a picture of a receipt with your phone, and certain data from the receipt—such as the location and the total amount—will be added to your account. You can also take multiple pictures to stitch together a long receipt, though these lengthy receipts take more time for the app to process.

You can also manually enter data into the app (a simple process that gives you access to the data immediately instead of causing you to wait for the image to digitize). And, after signing up for an account on, you will receive an email address where merchants can directly send you receipts.

Each receipt entry can be labeled (you can create custom ones) and categorized, so you can easily view reports on where your money is going. The report categories can be general, such as work, or more specific, such as gas-money totals for your job. Each spreadsheet can be exported and emailed, complete with images of each receipt if you choose.

The Lemon app and basic account are free. For a monthly or annual fee, though, you can upgrade to premium status (plan pricing details are listed on the Lemon website). Several plans are offered that let you capture more purchase details such as the cost of each individual item, taxes and tips. The Premium Family Plan lets you link up to 10 Lemon accounts.

Our overall take: It’s no Quicken, but Lemon does a solid job making sense of your receipts, though you have to be disciplined to enter them. And an added bonus: The app allows you to clean out that wad of receipts you have stuffed in your desk drawer.

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