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Let's Create! Pottery HD



Let’s Create! Pottery is a game app that will calm your mind and release your creativity. Craft pottery designs on a wheel, then sell your creations in an auction.

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If you want a relaxing game app that will show off your creativity, Let's Create! Pottery is worth a spin.

Start off your pottery design with a block of clay on a spinning wheel. Sliding your finger vertically along the clay will lengthen or shorten it, while gently tapping or swiping the sides allows you to shape the block inward or outward. Before long, you’ll have a pot or vase ready for firing.

From there, you can paint and decorate your pottery, then decide if you want to keep it in your gallery or sell it. The more intricate creations fetch higher dollars, which you can spend on more paint colors, brushes, design patterns and more.

There is also a storyline to the game, with “emails” from family and customers asking you to make specific items, which bring in even more money.

The graphics in Let’s Create! Pottery are basic, and it would be cool if you could shape the clay into objects other than vases and pots. This isn’t an app that you likely will want to play every day, but it’s the peacefulness and ease of use that keeps us coming back. No instructions required, and it’s good for handing off to your kids to occupy their time.

Reviewed: Jan 24, 2012 |

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